It is no longer possible to submit an application for compensation. The scheme was in effect for a period of one year: from 5 August 2019 until 5 August 2020. 

Applications currently being processed

The closing date of 5 August 2020 will have no impact on applications that are already being handled. Processing of these applications will be completed. From 5 August 2020, the Committee will no longer accept new applications.

Applications submitted in digital form before the closing date of 5 August 2020 have been accepted for processing. Applicants received confirmation of this by email. Processing time for an application will not exceed 13 weeks. Applicants will be notified in the event the Committee requires more time.

Payment Scheme
 the Payment Scheme explains in detail the amount of compensation and what the course of the procedure is. 

The Payment Scheme is available for download here.

The Committee is aware of the sensitive nature of the personal data requested from those who submit an application. For this reason, we will request only those data necessary in order to process the application and will ensure that this information is handled carefully and in the strictest confidence, and that it is used only for the purpose of evaluating your application. The data will not be used for any other purpose and will be destroyed as soon as possible once it is no longer necessary to retain the data. In the Privacy Statement, which is available here. the Committee sets out which personal data we collect, why we do so and how long we will retain these personal data. The statement also informs applicants for individual compensation of their rights in connection with their personal data. 

See the frequently asked questions on this topic.