This is the privacy statement of the Stichting Individuele Tegemoetkoming Slachtoffers WOII Transporten NS (Foundation Individual Compensation Victims WO II Transports NS) (the Committee or we). In this statement the Committee clarifies which personal data we collect, why we collect this data and how long we expect to store this data. Also, we will point out to the applicant of an individual compensation (you) which rights he or she has in respect of his or her personal data. 

The Committee has advised the N.V. Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) regarding an individual compensation for victims of transports by NS. NS has fully adopted this advice and has asked the Committee to execute the compensation scheme. 

Based on this compensation scheme, we must assess whether a victim and/or widows or widowers and/or children and/or heirs are eligible for an individual compensation. For this assessment, the awarding or rejection of an application and the potential payment of the individual compensation, we necessarily require certain personal data. We will also use your personal data to assess whether or not a previous application for an individual compensation has been submitted for the person concerned. 

We request you to provide us with (personal) data of the victim of the transports and of the applicant, on the basis of which data we will be able to (i) determine the identity of the person concerned and (ii) determine the identity, relation to the person concerned and address and payment details of the applicant. 

In the execution of its tasks, the Committee will be supported by third parties, including accountancy and advisory firm PwC and the Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork (Memorial centre Kamp Westerbork) We have entered into agreements with PwC and Westerbork to safeguard the lawful processing of personal data. The Committee is the controller of the personal data and PwC and Westerbork are (sub) processors of the personal data, commissioned by the Committee.

PwC will support the Committee in the assessment of an application, inter alia by facilitating a secured system in which the application can be processed and stored. In addition, PwC will also assess whether an application is complete and whether the correct documents have been enclosed. At the request of the Committee, Westerbork will verify whether the victim is known within its organization as a person concerned. The ultimate assessment lies with the Committee. 

The aim of the Committee is to execute the individual compensation scheme. After the execution of the compensation scheme, the Committee will liquidate itself. At that point, the Committee will have your personal data permanently deleted. 

We request your explicit consent for the described processing of personal data. You can withdraw your consent at all times. If you no longer allow us to process your data, we will delete this data. Withdrawal of your consent however means the Committee will not be able to execute the individual compensation. 

You have the right to review your personal data we have processed. You also have the right to rectify your personal data, should the data be incorrect. You also have the right to object against the processing of personal data. You can address this objection to us or you can file a complaint with the Authoriteit Persoonsgegeven (The Dutch Data Protection Authority). 

Questions, remarks or complaints can be addressed to or to Commissie Individuele Tegemoetkoming Slachtoffers WO II Transporten NS; Postbus 439; 1000 AK Amsterdam.